It's Time To Get Dead Set On Living

Cancer Bats!! 20. Canadian! Tattoos. Junior Tattoo Artist. Punkrock. My Monster - Tyler Crouse. Being Naked. MM. Studded Leather. Patches. Authentic Vans. Hairless Sphynx Cats. Hopeless Romantic - probably just hopeless. Grammar Nazi. Combat Boots PMA 'Til I'm DOA.
Tips for Keeping your Tattoo Artist Happy →



-Don’t get mad at them when they’re sick and they have to reschedule - We will do our best to reschedule you and get you in as soon as possible, but when we’re putting your tattoo (that, let me remind you, will be there forever) before our own health, something is…

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The real difference between Gryffindor and Slytherin




Gryffindor : Mate, I would die for you

Slytherin : I will kill for you, bro. Just give me the word, the bitch is dead

Ravenclaw: I’ll find a way we both can survive

Hufflepuff: I’ll die with you

I agree with this!

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